Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary 1.0

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary presents author insights into Scriptures
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The PocketBible Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary (MHCC) 1.0 is a software plug-in etext for the PocketBible for Windows software library program that was designed to give readers an easy method of Bible study.

The PocketBible program for Windows was also developed for portability and it can be installed on PDA and USB devices, iPods and Windows Mobile SmartPhone, Blackberry and the PalmOS, with the correct PocketBible software. A library platform for readers’ collections of PocketBible Books, Bibles, and reference etexts, the PocketBible program is sold separately from the collection of etext works that are sold individually to allow readers to choose what they need for their own unique library. The PocketBible Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary (MHCC) 1.0 plug -in is one of the etexts from the library collection.

The PocketBible Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary (MHCC) 1.0 expresses the author’s insights into scripture with simplicity, clarity, and devotion, and this enormous six volume original work has inspired preachers and scholars for over three hundred years. The etext transcript on this plug in has been edited to retain Henry’s work while still fitting comfortable in readers’ hand held devices. Matthew Henry (1662-1714) began reading the Bible at the age of 3 years and became a preacher at the age of 24. His classic commentary is highly considered for its devotional content. Readers can open this etext right alongside their favorite Bible in the PocketBible program and search for particular words and phrases. The PocketBible program is required as a host for this plug-in.

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